About Me, Sol Toder

I'm a software engineer and game developer from the Hudson Valley in New York. I graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in December 2019 with a dual Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences.


My main passions are programming and game development. I love building things for other people to use and experience, and I love solving new problems. I am experienced in a number of languages and technologies, including C++, C, Unity, JavaScript, Python, C#, and Java, and I learn new ones quickly. I have experience working on games both personal and professional. I also have experience building websites and web apps using HTML and CSS, including the one that you're reading right now.

Some of my projects both past and current can be seen over in my portfolio.


Outside of programming and games, I like animation (the watching, not the producing, although I've dabbled in creating small ones). I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi novels, and follow a lot of webcomics (my life wouldn't be the same without RSS). I have a niche interest in creating vanilla extensions for Minecraft using its datapack and command systems, and have been a “verified helper” on the unofficial Minecraft Commands Discord server for several years. I'm decent at art and digital image editing, and I sometimes mess around with audio editing.